A Gluten-free diet is a life-long commitment and should not be started before being properly diagnosed with CD/DH. Starting the diet without complete testing is not recommended and makes diagnosis difficult.  To learn more, download the latest version of the Quick Start Diet Guide for Celiacs or check out the Gluten Free Safe List.

Prescription drugs are not necessarily gluten free!  Check out the Safe GF Drug List to learn more but remember, information can change on a daily basis so double check with the drug company or its manufacturer to be certain.

If you are having surgery or going into the hospital for any reason, they need to be aware of your dietary requirements!  But don’t despair, we are here to help….The Hospital Awareness Program is one of our initiatives and Ruth Kieserman, Director of Education Outreach (with volunteer Judie Tarpey) call and visit the major hospitals in our area to educate dietitians on the importance of having gluten free foods for Celiac patients.  So if you are scheduled for any type of hospital stay please call Ruth so she will be able to contact the hospital in advance and avoid any difficulties upon your arrival.